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Guild Message of the Day - May 2nd
Welcome to Forgotten's Home on the Interwebs! Check here for the latest information, so that way you don\'t feel bad and /gquit, endlessly roaming Undermine with munchkins and woolly, woolly sheep :-) We love you, like your mom, without the milk and cookies or Uncle Ted...nnNote: We transferred back here to Guildzilla recently, so you'll need to register again (its secure, free, and will give you madd guild respect). Thanks for sticking with this through the pains of guild management :-)

Forgotten Showcase

ICC Blitz 2012-07-22
Thissucks, Aegis, and Thálêlør own Illidan
Battle-standard-happy-raiders 2012-05-31
PVE: Testing out Zära's new Batwings above SW!
PVP: Pympyn 21 and 4
PVP: Sux 20 and 1
GuildOx Realm #1
PVP: Pympyn 17 and 0

Forgotten News

By: Zära - August 25th

MOP is coming!

No updates doesn't mean we're not excited about the new expansion! First changes (talents, currency) are already due out at the end of August/early Sep. Are you ready?


Raid team 1 will continue raiding through MOP. Hit up Zära if you are interested in joining the crazy bunch! Current raid times: Thu 730 server.

By: Zära - July 6th

Raid Team 1 downs Heroic Yor'sahj!

Gratz on the kill last night, raid team 1! Onwards to H Hagara!

Recruitment status for raid team 1:
Currently looking out for 1 reliable healer with rdps o/s. Give Zära a shout!


By: Thálêlør - July 2nd

Second Core Team forming

Ok Me and Boothead are forming a second core raid team. Req 385+ ilvl, Fully chanted/ gemmed and ventrillo(its free guild has a server). We will start out on normal and work hard to get to heroic asap... ingame mail Tankandheals, shzammy, Boothead or kiilla or if we are on whisp us Thank You, Tankandheals

Updated by Zära:  Note your current contacts for raid team 2 are Lyllyth and Runè

By: Zära - May 31st

Forgotten Raid Team 1 downs H. Ultraxion!

Progressing steadily, Forgotten's Raid Team 1 downed Heroic Ultraxion tonight! Grats to all!

Below the night's raid team getting ready for some practice on Heroic Yor'sahj....the boys are a little battle-standard-happy....

Heroic Morchok Downed!


By: Pympyn - May 9th

Grats DS Raiders!

Grats DS Raiders to your DS10 and DS25 progression chievs! Your awesomeness has led Forgotten to the GuildOx #1 Guild on Undermine! (And Guild #1405 out of 40k+ globally :-) ) Rock onnnnn!

By: Pympyn - May 2nd

May Screenshot contests!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two contests and many screenshots. Check out our "Galleries" page, and post your best screenshots (simple: "Print Screen" button, open "Paint", paste/control + v, save as jpg, upload). Winners get ggg-gold :-) Note: Toons must be registered with website to post.

1)BG Killing blows. Highest killing blow count gets 1000 gold. Contest closes May 31st. (KBs come through your personal kills).

2)BG Honorable Kills. Highest honorable kill count gets 1000 gold. Contest closes May 31st. (HKs come through assisting/being around kills).

3)World/PVE Awesomeness. Most awesome individual screenshot (voted by officers) gets 1500 gold (2nd place 500). Contest closes May 16th.

  • Pympyn: All are extended to June 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Zära - April 29th

More from Forgotten's Raid Team 1

We finished up the week by clearing the rest of DS last night.

Below, the team dealing with a mutated corruption on a DW platform...

Heroic Morchok Downed!

In the end, we one-shotted it -- all for the sake of keeping Shama's pizza nice and hot.  See you next week for more heroics!


By: Zära - April 27th

Forgotten Raid Team 1 downs H. Morchok!

Grats to our raid team on our first Heroic kill of DS!  After some fine-tuning on coordination, we managed to get the two Morchok brothers down last night. 


Below, our two mini five-man teams getting ready for Morchok to split...

Heroic Morchok Downed!


Raiders, check member-only forums for updates on links/discussions on other Heroic bosses.

By: Zära - April 25th

Raid Team 1 update (and recruitment status)

Raid Team 1 has been progressing nicely through Dragon Soul in the past several months. Our first deathwing kill happened in the first week of April and we have been clearing ever since. Gratz to all those who run with us week-by-week. Bring on the Heroics!

Recruitment update: We are currently looking for 1 rdps to join our weekly runs (min. 385+ PVE-equipped, gemmed and chanted). Give Zära a shout!

Raid times: Thu 730-930 pm server / Sat 700-900 pm server


By: Pympyn - April 25th

Guildzilla site back online!

After tinkering with that php CMS solution, I've switched us back to this guildzilla site. They offer pretty sweet functionality, and so we should be able to use it for doritos-based updates! Sign up, add your toons, and check back often for news and other schtuff like that :-)


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